10.34 TRAVEL LINES                                      ******************

These are the horizontal lines of the Luna area. Short percussion lines — travel by sea and air. On the area itself — travel by land. This is an old traditional reading for hands that have few lines. Generally, there are oblique lines mean restlessness, hence the urge to travel. When such lines reach the area of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, or Mercury, they become one of fate lines and are treated as such.


10.33 LINES OF OPPOSITION                               *************************

These are horizontal lines on the mount area Of Upper Mars. They start from the percussion side of the hand. They represent opposition toward other people. This can be a financial problem or a personal complication that takes the form of enmity.

Short lines – unimportant quarrels or friction.

A long line reaching the life line or mount area of Venus – family problems that could be very serious.